Yesterday was a great day.  I had more fun with Eric than I’ve had in a long time.  We needed a break from life and yesterday the opportunity presented itself.  We took advantage. 

Eric had yesterday off because he switched days with the other cabinet person so that he could be off for the big bonfire at his parents (they do it every year).  Anyway, Monday’s are my normal days off from both jobs and school because although I have class at 9:00 and at 6:00 in the evening, I have the whole day to myself.

We decided at the spur of the moment to take a roadtrip to St. Louis.  When we got there we saw the arch in the distance and decided to make a day out of sight seeing.  We decided to go to the Arch, the zoo and the science center.  We were also going to get cheap nosebleed seats to the Cardinals game, but soon realized that they weren’t playing at home.  It was worth a shot. 

So anyway, here we are in St. Louis excited because we are going to get to go do all of this stuff, and we realize that we have no clue as to how to get to where we need to be.  The map that we “always” keep in the car isn’t in the car.  Eric took it into the apartment a few months ago when his sister was having a fit and needed to see it.  We drove away from the arch because Eric knew how to get back onto the interstate from where we were.  Unfortunately the road that he was familiar with was closed and we took a detour that wasn’t really a detour and it landed us on I-40 east headed across the river. 

Anyone from Missouri knows that’s a really really bad thing.

Unless you enjoy getting shot.

Anyway, so we manage to get on 44 west and hit 270 where we went to south county to the mall and found a map.  By that time it was 2:00 and we decided to shop a bit and go home.  No zoo or science center for us. 

However, being lost in the Loo has somehow served to draw me closer to my husband.  Yea!  We had a pretty good day, even if a good portion of it was spent navigating through a part of St. Louis that neither one of us were familiar with.  I kept reminding ERic that if he would have let me take the riverboat cruise that was offered at the Arch, we wouldn’t be driving…we’d be riding.  There was also a casino that I would have loved to get my paws on, but seeing as how Eric doesn’t like to spend money, that was a problem.

We got back last night after driving by the Jack in the Box at Herculanium only to turn around 3 miles down the road at Festus to partake in the Jack and then being able to head on our merry way.  I almost skipped class just because, but a phone call from one Leslie P.  convinced me that I should go, otherwise it would be rude and I would not (I repeat not) be getting homework out of her.  I got back, touched up the makeup, grabbed my books and scooted off to class, only to stop in the ladies room once there to be sick.  And sick….and sick.  Finally I was able to make it home, where I was sick until around 11:00.  I never made it to class but because she’s such a sweet person I’m counting on L. to give me homework. 

I hope Leslie gets my homework. GULP!

Anyway, after becoming exhausted from the sick I finally made it to bed where my cat decides to be a real dickhead (scuse the french) and keep me up all night.  I tried to endure it silently because Eric was asleep and waking him up would mean that we would have a fight in the morning and the cat would be caput. 

He woke up.

Fight ensued over the fate of dickhead.  I won.  Cat will now be placed inside kennel borrowed from mom with newspaper inside, when he is bad.  kennel is huge, but free so who could complain?  I couldn’t.  I think it will do dickhead…I mean garfield some good.  We have to leave him out because he tears up the carpet or the lynolium if we don’t, but his way he won’t be able to.  HEHEHE!!!!

Right now there are several things going on in my life.  Apparently, one of them is now making and distrubuting a Roberts Rule of Order and a meeting adgenda sheet so that people will understand that they really shouldn’t be talking when they are.  It’s frustrating because we have certain way’s of doing things so that I can follow along and not be frantically trying to keep up.  However, there are some people that feel that they should ignore this and try to speak whenever possible, regardless of whether it’s correct or not.  Fine, whatever.  I hope they don’t expect me to pay attention and write down what they are saying, however.

On a more positive note I’ve decided to have a Saturday Suaree’ at my house so that my friends and I can get together without discussing the stresses of Gamma Sig.  In fact, I’ve even made it a rule.  Yea me!  I’m excited, we haven’t really done anything since the semester started because it’s hard to find time with all of us working.  Plus I’m going to make it up to Yael because I missed her birthday and I feel terrible.  Anyway, it should be loads of fun.  This is what the pic on the invitation looked like:

I thought it was cute…cause of my obcession (yea, I spelled that wrong) with penguins and because of Yael having a great stand up routine that involves a table, a stuffed penguin, and some ass kicking.

EMIL, someone that I don’t want to publicly name but is somewhere in the Cast of Characters near SIL is coming down (or should I say up?) here soon.  I’m supposed to be invited to lunch, but we’ll see.  I’m betting money that that little get together turns out to be something that I’m not welcome at.  Fine, whatever.

My little sisters loved their gifts.  I’m supposed to find them and add them on so that I can talk to them and encourage them.  I want to be a good big sis, but it’s not easy because I’m so freakin’ busy!  Anyway, I’m glad their mine!  I fricken’ forgot my camera, so I’ll have to bring it next time and take pictures of us together!

I suppose I should go now, but since it is only 11:00 and the day is still young I may update more later!

I really didn’t want to get up this morning.  I didn’t get much sleep last night because I kept waking up with cramps in my legs.  I would wake up crying and then Eric would wake up and ask me what was wrong and because I was so dang tired I wasn’t able to actually tell him!  I just kept mumbling and crying.

I bet he thought I was crazy.

Tonight is the Gamma Sig big sis/ little sis “ceremony”  the Pin part of that will have to come later as we don’t have their pins ordered yet.  I feel kinda bad because I wasn’t able to deliver my little sis’s their presents because I couldn’t find where they lived.  They are going to be getting everything tonight but that doesn’t make it any better because I wanted to be able to give them their gifts everyday. 

Speaking of which the making of their bags didn’t go as well as I’d hoped.  I thought for once in my life I would do something crafty that wouldn’t turn out looking like crap and I think I may have stood myself up. 

All I had to do was cut out the letters Gamma and Sigma and use wonder under to glue them to a canvas bag.  My friend Leslie had the marvelous (thank you Leslie!) idea of using  bandanna’s instead of fabric because at Hobby Lobby they are cheaper than a yard of fabric.  So I go through and pick out this really cute black and white check fabric and I decide that I’ll use hot pink puffy paint to trim the edges of the letters.  Very eighties. 

Anyway, I get home Tuesday afternoon and I’m all excited because I have the night off and I can work on my bags.  I get out the wonder under and iron it onto the bandanna’s and set off on my merry way cutting the letters out of the fabric.

No one told me you should iron the fabric first if it had been folded.

Needless to say about half way through trying to get it to stick on the bag I came to the realization of what I should have done.  And all I had was a small patch of wonder under in the first place, not nearly enough to start over.

I made it work by glueing the letters on anyway and smoothing the letters.  The puffy paint and wonder under together should be enough to hold on the trouble spots. 

Did I mention that I accidently cut one of the letters in half, right in the middle of this process?  Well, I did.

Then, I had this marvelous idea to use spray adhesive to line pin boxes with fabric.  It was a great idea in theory.  Now one of my girls has a very sticky box.

Oh, well.

I don’t have to work again until Sunday and I can’t even begin to tell you how thankful I am for that.  I really needed some time off.  It’s not that I mind working, because I don’t, it’s just that you can only take working constantly for so long before you start to go nuts.  Besides, it’s going to be nuts until Christmas and I don’t really want to have to deal with it.  Keep in mind that I don’t work that much, but still.

I have a test today in world lit.  I’m really starting to dislike that class.  I think it’s because epic poems from ancient Greece and Rome just aren’t my thing.  I would much much rather be reading about Shakespeare.  It’s not that I don’t understand what I’m reading, it’s just that I have no interest in it.  Although lately that’s been happening a lot.

I wonder if it’s because I’m sick of school or because I genuinely don’t like ancient Literature.  I know that it’s important to our civilization and all that crap, but I just cant’ stand reading it.  I shouldn’t feel that way since I am an English Education major.  At least I’m not a lit major.  Then I’d be in big trouble.

Sometimes I wonder why I keep a diary.  I used to be very faithful to it and then I stopped writing and forgot my password.  So I created a new one and now I have trouble writing in it.  I think part of it is because when I do have interesting things to write about I don’t have the time to write it.  Then when I have time to write I don’t have interesting things to say.  I think it’s the diary writers perpetual dilemma.  I am getting better though.

I’ve had a good week so far with Eric.  I hope that stays the same tonight, we usually fight on Thursday nights if we’re gonna fight.  I don’t really know why, except that Thursday is my long day and really makes me cranky.  I have to be at work at 8:00 in the morning and because of Gamma Sig I rarely make it home before 9:30, although it’s usually closer to 10:00.  I’m freakin’ tired!  And on a normal week all I have to look forward to the next day is work work work.  I work at school then I work at Penney’s and sometime in their I shower and go to class.

The story of my life.

It’s been a while and a lot has happened.  Let’s begin from…the begining!

1. I got the job at Penney’s at the jewlery counter and I love it!  Seriously, I don’t know what I’d do without the money and I even get paid commission.  However, I haven’t quit my job at the college, because I don’t really do that much anyway and I can do homework and still get paid.  Plus, I love my boss.

2. Eric and I have decided that we are going to move home around July provided that he is able to get a job.  My dad says he can give him the hook up but we’ll see.

3. School started.  That sucked.

4. I am planning on pursuing my masters online from Mizzou in Elementary Education.  YEA ME!

5. The stalker dude from myspace is no longer a problem.  Praise Jesus!

6. Gamma Sig has been going well, considering…well we have a lot of issues right now.  However, I’m glad that everything is going well.

Okay, so now the whole 0 people who read this are caught up.   I am glad and I will try and make it a little easier to keep up by updating more often.  Afterall, if I would do that then 0 people would be able to track my life better.

Today, I went to class and found out that I got a C+ on a paper.  I’ve NEVER recieved anything below a B.  I argued with the instructor over it, but nothing came out of that little interlude.  I even reminded him that it was a 100 level class and that I was a senior.  Surely I knew what I was writing about.  Afterall, I have a 3.5 and I have managed to write many many papers before and recieve higher grades.  Afterall, I am going to school to become an ENGLISH TEACHER! 

It didn’t work, though.

I still got a C+ because he didn’t like the wording that I used.  It’s called style.  All writers have a different one.  Then I came to work until 3:00 and will work tonight from 5:00 until close at 9:15.  The good news is that I have a weekend off for the first time in almost two months.  I can’t gripe about that!

An Ode To Cory

August 5, 2006

One of my best friends recently got married.  I have to admit that it is making me feel…old.  I don’t know if I should, I’m only 21 but still yet the thought of someone that I’ve loved since I was in 5th grade getting married makes me feel like I’m a grown up.

I was thinking last night about how we met and all of the things that we got ourselves into.  I’ll never forget the first day that I ran into Cory- all 4 feet 5 of him.  He was different, it was obvious to me even then that he wasn’t like the other kids in the 5th grade.  It was strange to me because he had his head down and anyone could tell he was seriously contemplating important things in his mind. 

He ran smack dab into a wall and the unorganized chaos that was his trapper keeper went flying all over the crowded hall way floor.  I immediatly felt sorry for him but more than that I was curious as to this boy that was new to our small class.

I bent down to help him and introduced myself.  He told me his name was Cory (making a point to inform me that it was cory without an e in the middle- he was always picky about his name) and that he had just moved from Poplar Bluff.

It was the beginning of a long friendship.  Rather, the beginning of me forcing my friendship upon him.  We were friends throughout middle school and anyone could spot me following his lead from a mile away.  From his master plans to rule the world, to hacking into computers in 7 and 8th grade, to goofing off in Mrs. Stocktons social studies class, Cory was my best friend.

After a few years our friendship moved to highschool, where it expanded to other people, including my now husband Eric.  At first I was jealous of their bond but when we turned 16 and were old enough to go out on the weekends I became a part of their group (Cory, Josh, Scott, and Eric) because as long as I was along they could stay out until…..11:00!!!  I had to verify with their mothers that I was with the group and for some reason that seemed to make it all better.  Little did they no that even with me along our Saturday night trips resulted in several hilarious stories. 

These stories include but aren’t limited to:

-Adopting a lobster from walmart and trying to liberate it by setting it free in lake wappapello.  It was only after the thirty minute ride to the lake in fresh water, that we realized that lobsters were salt water dwelling animals.  Long live Larry the Lobster.

-Kidnapping Cory with a dark blue van and the help of Lucas McKinnis…Cory was such a cute little victim.

-Josh flying over the hill and into the parking lot at Mya’s.

Not to mention the things we did at school:

-Counterfeiting money with the copy machine in the library so that us poor broke kids could get a soda.

-Getting kicked off the computers for a year for hacking into the systems….CORY!

-Stealing Mrs. Brasher’s brayer…and her hundred pound column.  That took work.

-Choir (need I say more?)

-Doing Vinny’s (our principals) college homework…good times good times.

-Chocolate covered coffee beans.

And so here ladies and gentlemen is my ode to Cory.  I hope that his life with Tessa is long and happy and I look forward to making more memories with him. 

I just quit my other job.  The Nursery one.  I’m upset about it, even though I shouldn’t be.  I wasn’t getting a set amount of hours and that’s what I needed.  Besides that there are other jobs that I’ve applied for that hopefully will give me something other than 6 hours a week.  What I was getting was not even really enough for me to have enough gas to get there.  It kind of sucks when you think about it. 

I hope that I get the J.C. Penney’s job.  To be honest, I wish that I could get it and be able to have enough hours and enough pay to only have it.  However, I’m not quitting this job for AWHILE, or at least until I know for sure what’s going on.  I don’t want to quit this job, one because I HATE quitting anything, and two because I really like it here.  I like my boss and I enjoy working with her.



August 4, 2006

Okay, so for the past few days I’ve been dealing with a bit of a dilemma.  I have a job working for a church, but the hours haven’t been what I was promised, and with Eric’s student loan being due, we really need more money. 

Therefore, I’ve decided to quit working at the church.  I’m supposed to call in tomorrow and tell them I’ll work another week then be done with it.

The good news is after putting in around 100 applications, J.C. Penney’s called today and asked me to come in for an interview Monday at 4:00.  I’m excited because it is a jewlery position with commission.  YEA YEA YEA! I hope I get it.

The bad news is that I don’t remember what hours I told them I could work.  I’m afraid that I said I could work during the day, which is when my college job is.  If that’s the case then I’m going to go ahead and ask for 30 hours instead of 15-20…probably not a smart move.  I may just say that my availability is evenings, but I think I said that anyway.


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